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Their reaction to Airbus’s warning shows how out of touch Tory MPs are

29 June, 2018

• I WAS shocked to hear some Tory MPs have expressed annoyance that Airbus have actually had the nerve to communicate their deep concern regarding the potential effects of Brexit on the future of the firm’s trade and that of over 10,000 employees and consequent supply chain of smaller firms.

It just confirms, yet again, what a truly nasty party the Tories are with no concern for people who rely on such firms to earn a living. It proves how out of touch they are with popular opinion and real life – the sheer arrogance of it is breathtaking.

And to crown it all, the most strident opponent of the Heathrow extension – foreign secretary Boris Johnson – is conveniently out of the country when the crucial vote is taken so he doesn’t have to make a decision. What a hypocrite.

It says everything about the shambolic, out of touch, collection of MPs, who are supposed to represent the people. What a shower!



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