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The Xtra Diary: Donald Trump ‘could learn a thing or two from us…’

Westminster City Council leader wants Donald Trump to visit London

20 November, 2016 — By xtra

President-elect Trump. Picture: Michael Vadon

THE leader of Westminster Council extended an invitation to US president-elect Donald Trump in the hope that he could learn a thing or two from London about the benefits of an inclusive, multicultural society.

Speaking at a full council meeting last week, Baroness Couttie – Councillor Philippa Roe – said: “Now he is president of the United States I very much hope he will have the opportunity to come and visit London and we can show him first-hand that London is a safe city and, what’s more, it celebrates its multiculturalism…

“The fact that we have people from just about every country, creed, socio-economic background all living together, is what makes this city so fantastically strong.”

Her words came after she had ben asked by Bayswater councillor Suhail Rahuja how she would respond to Mr Trump’s past comments about immigration.

“President-elect Trump said last year when talking about immigration in London that we have places in London that are so radicalised that the police are afraid for their own lives,” said Cllr Rahuja. “Will she be able to reassure President-elect Trump that London is extremely safe and these comments are unhelpful and not true?”

Baroness Couttie said: “I think all of us in this chamber were deeply shocked and disappointed by his comments.”

She added that it was the vibrant mix of people in the capital that made it, “innovative”, “creative” and “a truly exciting place to live”.

“I sincerely hope he has exposure to that over his leadership of America and I think it will make him a far better leader if he does,” she said.


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