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The withdrawal agreement does not cover our future relationship with the EU

06 December, 2018

• DAVID Cheeseman (EU can’t go on like this, November 29) is concerned that the people’s referendum would lead to more chaos and wonders “if those clambering for a second EU referendum have thought through the consequences”.

The future long-term relationship between the UK and the EU is not addressed by the withdrawal agreement and instead by a non-binding political declaration, so those in favour of it are only delaying chaos, not avoiding it.

The clambering (“to move in an awkward and laborious way”) is from the government which continually changes tack and was found in contempt of parliament for not initially disclosing the full legal advice on the Brexit deal. On the other hand there is an undisputed clamour for a people’s vote with 700,000 supporters marching in favour.

We have indeed thought through the consequences and it is telling that the latest two MPs to support the people’s vote campaign – Jo Johnson and Sam Gyimah – are both previous ministers for universities, science, research and innovation.



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