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The vulnerable are hit by cuts amid the Brexit disaster

08 November, 2018

• WHILE I share all the sentiments of the Camden councillors, providers of services, and Unison officers on the massively damaging effects of the cuts the Tory government has imposed over most of the last decade, I am missing any anger and a real call for action.

The Labour Party is the dominant political group in every major metropolitan area of Britain and, collectively, should be going to parliament and demanding that these cuts must be reversed.

This government is tottering to a disaster entirely of its own making and, through Brexit, urged on by Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Jacob Rees-Mogg and fellow nasties in the Tory Party Theresa May is happily, if incompetently, taking Britain with it, down the plughole.

The most vulnerable members of our communities are put under awful pressures by these cuts and it is long past time for a general election and a government prepared to take back control and take Britain forwards, not backwards. And soon!

Eton Avenue, NW3


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