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01 February, 2018

Unusual cloud formation

• A SUBSCRIBER to my magazine Weather Eye sent me a cutting from your newspaper of an interesting cloud formation photographed from the grounds of the Royal Free Hospital (Can anyone explain this extraordinary cloud formation? December 14).

The picture was taken by Constantine Buhayer from Gospel Oak on Thursday December 7 2017. It is a good example of Kelvin-Helmholtz waves caused when there is a strong change of temperature and wind speed through a narrow layer of atmosphere.

In this case it is a cold layer below and a warm layer above. On this day cold air was being swept southwards towards London by Storm Caroline that gave winds of over 90mph in Scotland.

This type of atmospheric situation can produce lovely waves to the cloud but only lasts a few minutes so Constantine did well to capture it (see picture above). It is fairly unusual.

Weatherman & Editor Weather Eye magazine


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