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The single-decker 274 was a nightmare too

02 August, 2018

• I WAS puzzled by the letter praising the single-decker 274 bus, (Now we have a worse service and the wrong buses on route 274, July 26).

I have not been on the new double-decker, and I must admit I don’t have much faith in Transport for London to get anything right, but the single-decker 274 bus is a nightmare. Considering that the 274 has so many tourist attractions on its route it is a totally unsuitable bus.

I have been on it with five pushchairs. And don’t get on the bus with a shopping trolley because there is nowhere to put it. Sometimes I have to go past my stop because there are so many people going to Baker Street and I can’t get off.

When I complained to TfL many years ago I was told that because there was a low bridge on the route a double-decker could not be used. What’s changed?

Gloucester Place, NW1


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