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The ‘Sack of Seven’ group jumped before they were pushed

22 February, 2019

• THE “Sack of Seven”, the Independent Group of ex-Labour MPs has swelled its ranks by one. The poster girl for the new grouping is Waver­tree MP Luciana Berger, who recently stared down the barrel of a vote of no-confidence in her.

She was born in London but parachuted into Liverpool using the all-women’s shortlist, to be elected by 53 per cent in 2010. She was re-elected under a Corbyn-led Labour Party by 79 per cent.

So far, all the defectors have faced or were going to face deselection presaged by a vote of no-confidence. In fact, defector Chris Leslie had already faced a no-confidence vote from his constituency and could not stand for election as a Labour candidate in the future.

The newest defector, Joan Ryan, MP for Enfield North, was exposed in the “expenses scandal” as claiming £173,000, the highest in London. Compare, in stark contrast, the £8.95 for a printer ribbon claimed by Jeremy Corbyn.

These always disloyal “Sack of Seven”, faced with a lack of confidence in their constituencies, jumped before they were pushed. They are leaderless, policy deficient, and financed by whom? A question being directed in the first instance towards the Israeli Embassy?

The shrieking smears are being screamed again as they leave. They have been consistent though often inaccurate. And none has said they will stand courageously in a by-election for the principles we know not of. Their only principle on display is self-preservation of their good salaries.

I am not a gambling man but I’ll bet my shirt that a future general election will dump them in the bin marked “oblivion”. That’s betting responsibly, so vote responsibly.



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