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The Regent’s Canal towpath has become a race track for cyclists

24 May, 2018

• I AGREE with the comments in the letter that the Canal and River Trust and London need to put the safety of pedestrians first on the Regent’s Canal towpath, as it has become a race track for cyclists, (More tortoise less hare on the canal, cut speeds, May 17).

On Monday morning while walking along the busy towpath between Royal College Street bridge and King’s Cross, I was nearly hit by a guy on a bike. I didn’t hear him coming from behind and he didn’t ring a bell.

Unfortunately, for once, I had forgotten to look behind me as I stepped around a loose paving slab to avoid a wet foot. The cyclist had a rant at me, finishing with “next time, I’ll push you in the canal”.

Walking home along the same towpath after work that evening, I witnessed a cyclist falling into the canal after swerving to overtake two pedestrians. If she had been cycling more slowly and if she had a bell, her commute home would have been a lot drier.



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