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The quicker we get out of the EU the better for looking outwards towards the rest of the world

20 March, 2017

• IT is reported that an attempt may be made to take the government back to court about the use of Brexit, on the basis that parliament needs to be sovereign.

Yet for years politicians have been complicit in allowing the sovereignty of parliament to be lost to the influence and control of that other entity in Brussels.

Parliament had no sovereignty with respect to the various treaties that saw the relentless progress towards the present political behemoth that even now seeks its own army despite the existence of Nato.

The British vote to leave the EU was an instruction to government to act to secure the country’s exit from the EU, and the various personal aims and prejudices of the politicians should not be a factor in preventing that action taking place in the quickest, most effective, manner possible.

We could then, again, look outwards towards the world, free from the fetters of the EU.



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