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The public will suffer because of axing the C2

17 January, 2019

• READERS may be aware that Transport for London has decided to abolish the C2 bus and drastically reduce the frequency of its replacement the 88, (Confirmed: C2 bus route WILL be axed, January 17).

It may be of no surprise that despite 66 per cent of the online consultation respondents opposing the axing of the C2 and around a 1,000 local people in West Euston having signed petitions against the cuts in service, TfL have ignored this and are steamrolling their plans through.

The reduction in the C2 bus service will hit the travelling public across Camden from Great Portland Street, Camden and Kentish Town and Parliament Hill.

An obvious group that will be hard hit by these changes will be school children travelling to schools in the north of the borough, William Ellis, Parliament Hill and La Sainte Union and those crossing over to Westminster to attend The Grey Coat Hospital and St Marylebone schools.

However, the effects will hit hard on the West Euston community. As many readers will know, the Hampstead Road has started to become one long demolition site from Drummond Street to Mornington Crescent because of the construction of HS2.

As a consequence access to alternative bus routes on Hampstead Road are now restricted due to road closures and this will be the case for years to come.

This is a particular issue for the elderly, the less able, parents with prams or toddlers and young people needing safe transport.Reduced access to vital bus routes along Hampstead Road and cutting the bus service along Albany Street effectively cuts off those living on the Regent’s Park estate and surrounding areas from the rest of Camden.

Having ignored the views of the people of Camden it is now time for Camden Council to step in, on behalf of its residents and challenge both TfL and HS2 to ensure that the current level of service provided by the C2 is sustained during the construction of HS2.



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