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The problem with phone kiosks is not new

05 April, 2018

Heyday of the street phone box

• I AGREE with the views of Ricci de Freitas of the Marchmont Association on the new telephone kiosks springing up everywhere like toadstools, (The Marchmont Association opposes proposals for new phone kiosks in the area, March 29).

Every time I see a planning application for a new box I send in an objection and urge my friends and neighbours to do the same.

I thought readers might like to see a picture of the original Post Office publicity photograph, when boxes were useful (above). Even then they were hard to clean and the job was dreaded by Post Office staff.

The current boxes look as though they have never been cleaned and surely their current owners have a duty to look after them so the look and smell of them are not so unpleasant.

Perhaps they can be disposed of on health and safety grounds.

Chiltern Street, W1


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