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The platitudes we hear…

24 July, 2020

• TWO months on from my “three-word platitudes” letter…

Enhance our lethality.
Follow the dream.
Positive thinking power.
Our jingoistic exceptionalism.
Herd immunity mistake.
PM’s intensive care.
Just about managing.
Underinvestment, privatisation, fragmentation.
Imposed social distancing.
World through screens.
Smartphone, web, net.
Build Build Build.
Bombast versus facts.
Tracking and tracing.
X-raying our lives.
Denial, obfuscation, expediency.
Dither and delay.
Triggers for disbelief.
Withering of trust.
Deeper racial inequalities.
Hubris and incompetence.
Forget the dream.
Global warming problem.
Pass the blame.
The People’s Virus.
Back to Brexit…

St George’s Fields, W2


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