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The new team at the Kiln theatre have shown arrogant behaviour

13 September, 2018

• AFTER reading the current hoo-ha over the “rebranding” of the Tricycle theatre I was struck by the crass and breathtakingly arrogant behaviour of the new team and artistic director.

First they seem to have conveniently airbrushed out of history the efforts and fights of the countless Tricycle Theatre supporters since its inception. These same supporters of the Tricycle since 1980 built a great local audience, fundraised after the devastating fire of 1989 and got a cinema added to the list of their earlier achievements (most never properly recorded).

These people loved the Tricycle. Fought for the Tricycle. The Tricycle their local theatre. They made it what it is today.

Now we learn that the new geniuses moved to ban from its launch one newspaper that has championed all types of theatre and campaigned against theatre closures and funding cuts. Further, the CNJ has been a cheerleader for and publicised all forms of theatre across the local boroughs for many years.

This cultural vandalism and pointless name change is a vanity idea now just an embarrassment and an insult – The Kiln – what the hell is that and what does it have to do with anything?

I hear they’re gong to work their branding magic on other much loved cultural icons of London. Look out for St Paul’s (Godbox) The National Gallery (PaintWorld) and, of course, The London Palladium (Shed).

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