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The new Bishop of London should look out for Catholics

06 July, 2018

Bishop Sarah Mullally

• THE view “Catholics are not Christian” has been bandied around for some time – now the Church of England have joined the bandwagon, (The new Bishop of London will have her work cut out, June 29).

Jesus founded a church on love and truth. Henry VIII founded a church on hate and greed and made a mockery of marriage.

Then took the Catholic cathedrals, abbeys, churches, monasteries, convents and lands; hunted down the Catholics who would not convert, dragged them through the streets of London; hanged them at Tyburn or beheaded them in the Tower.

Then went to Ireland, put the people who wouldn’t convert out of their homes and lands and left them to die. Sold the young Irish as slaves because they were Irish and Catholic they were regarded as livestock.

Then in the 1800s, millions of Irish died because of the famine – the Church of England wouldn’t help because they were building ornate churches all over their empire.

Let us hope the new Bishop of London, Sarah Mullally, will return to the Catholics what is rightfully theirs, as it states in the Bible: “Render to God what belongs to God; render under Caesar what belongs to Caesar.”



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