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The metropolitan view is not representative of the English view on Europe

01 March, 2018

• IN his letter about Brexit Martin Plaut speaks from the position of a “passionate” European (Campaign goes on, February 22).

Well, I am a passionate Englishman with centuries of family history and sacrifice in this country’s service and for years I have witnessed the want of truth and deceit that saw my country captive to the whim of a pushy, self-serving, cabal of nations beyond these shores, far removed from the “market” we voted for.

If I am to be governed, I want it to be by those I can vote in and out of office in my own land. And like my forebears I see and will welcome the wider world waiting to trade.

I do not fear the unknown or its challenge, firmly believing that at the very least you have to speculate to accumulate… and we have vast experience in both.

The metropolitan view is not representative of the English view. And the votes from Scotland and elsewhere can be gauged according to their own histories and interests.

But the majority vote was to Leave and that does not need a further vote ruled by reasons of finance, convenience or fear.

Was it US president Thomas Jefferson who observed that a country willing to sacrifice its freedom for financial advantage deserved to lose both?

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