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The London Clinic should be told charity begins at home

16 November, 2017

Cartoon: John Sadler

• IT is nearly Christmas and the Spirit of Scrooge, before his transformation, is still alive and well but now under the guise of the London Clinic.

To give nurses and care staff living in Vernon House, Primrose Hill, four weeks to vacate their homes and find somewhere else to live in London, while still working, is an impossible task (Nurses forced out of homes by Christmas, November 9).

If those that took this “difficult decision” put their heads out of their ivory towers; they may notice that working people are unable to afford property in most parts of London.

In addition, there is no “financial package” that would make a dent in this and a housing adviser will not be able to house 57 staff; they will only give advice.

Now here’s the rub; whenever someone wants to get rid of tenants, they always use the same excuse but phrase it differently. In this case it is they would need to invest £5million in the building and they cannot afford it.

I would suggest that that is untrue because that building will last longer than you and I because they built them to last in those days.

Moreover, did the London Clinic let conditions get so bad in Vernon House that it was a slum? This is just another excuse to throw people out to boost their own coffers.

A London Clinic spokesman says that it will only affect 57 members of staff out of 1,200. Those 57 are individuals that deserve better from their employer.

I wonder if the patient that left this legacy had made any stipulations regarding who should live in it? Maybe it’s something the tenants should look into.

I am sure that the patient did not leave it so that nurses and care staff would be thrown out of their homes at Christmas to make a profit for the London Clinic/charity.

The London Clinic informs the New Journal they are a charity; well then let them abide by this old adage: charity begins at home.

Broxwood Way, NW8


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