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The lies are simply shameless

14 February, 2019

• IS there any aspect of our public life which is not in a crisis caused directly by this disgusting and wretched government?

They have ruined the social security system, shat on the disabled, dismantled public transport in vast swathes of the country, are hell-bent on privatising the NHS whilst starving it of cash, virtually dismantled the probation service, overseen the near-destruction of the prison service with its cockroaches, both in insect and G4S forms presiding over the largest spike in inmate suicides ever, made student debt ever more onerous.

On and on it goes, the immiseration of the already destitute, the condemnation of thousands to live like rats on our streets, starvation level benefits all the while forever allowing the parasite disguised as gas, electricity, water, rail to gorge themselves with ever higher prices.

And all overseen by a cabinet of utterly incompetent, utterly conscienceless, moral bankrupts. And that’s even before we get to the biggest, entirely Tory imposed, crisis of them all, Brexit. What a fiasco.

Somers Town


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