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The library should be for the entire community

20 March, 2017

• I WOULD like to add my support to the campaign, reported in the West End Extra, to retain the Chinese section of Charing Cross Library (Chinese library cut ‘is humiliating’, Diary, March 10).

I have been an active member for 37 years.

My grandfather worked for the Bank of China in Shanghai and I was elected by 124 Chinese in my university Chinese Society as secretary.

I was, though, very concerned by some of the content of a letter written by Lady Xuelin Bates in the Evening Standard newspaper on March 2 when she included the request to “…urge fellow Londoners, especially from the Chinese community, to use it so we can continue to keep it”.

This I view as very socially divisive. As it is when there is an art exhibition the captions are in Chinese only. I can read and write Chinese slightly but to caption only in Chinese is perverse.

Two written complaints have been met with no response. The library should be for the entire local community. ,Non-Chinese should not be marginalised – to do so in unhelpful to social inclusion.

Charing Cross Road


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