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The Labour Party’s failure is lamentable

06 June, 2019

• THE failure of the Labour Party is lamentable, (Labour needs a vision for life outside the EU, May 30). By pleasing everyone they have pleased no one! “Tricky dicky” politics have a short shelf life.

Logically it should follow its members (for a second referendum) and then persuade its Brexit-supporting voters that if they follow Nigel Farage they are likely to end up with no NHS (to be demolished in a trade deal with Donald Trump) and smaller welfare benefits; a sort of extreme US Republican Party vision of life, where “the rich get rich and the poor get poorer”.

People knew what they voted for: a deal described, wrongly, as the “easiest negotiation in history” which would give us our “cake and eat it” leaving us better off “out” than “in”. That has proved a fallacy and a deceit.

If the Labour Party can’t floor Farage, toff crackpots and City spivs on such grounds, what use is it? Life outside the wealthiest trading bloc on Earth will also make us poorer, year by year. Stand up and fight for the truth Labour.

No one will think Len McCluskey part of an urban elite. Also, get back to the centre of life and politics by ceasing to be as extremist as that one-man band, without a published manifesto, called the Brexit Party.

What about those who were below voting age in 2016 being given this opportunity to have one now they are 19 and 20 getting on 21? That is democracy. That is morality.

Widecombe Way, N2


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