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The EU is not Europe it’s a secretariat

02 August, 2019

• STEPHEN Horne (But some of those 17.4m are no longer with us, July 26) dismissed the result of the referendum by calculating the subsequent mortality of those who voted to leave reasoning that the survivors are now outnumbered by remain voters.

Those who have perished must be in that special place reserved for them by Donald Tusk. Hardly a substantive argument based on objectivity and analysis but there you are.

The European Union is not Europe, it is a secretariat that should dutifully serve the member states. Those member states must be shocked at how the EU has allowed the situation to deteriorate to the point where the United Kingdom might leave without a withdrawal agreement.

This happened because the EU prioritised its interests over those of the member states. Michel Barnier, Jean-Claude Juncker, and Guy Verhofstadt are inflexible in guarding their privileges and those of their associates no matter the cost to states and citizens. Don’t imagine the member states will put up with this for ever.

The Labour Party sought to judge any withdrawal agreement by applying six tests. Test four: “Does it defend our rights and privileges and prevent a race to the bottom”? Given that EU rinsed 25 per cent of Greek GDP they rate as world-class bottom racers. Labour voted to trigger Article 50, the EU fails their tests so Labour stand for no deal.

ECB president Mario Draghi has expressed concern at the weakness of the Eurozone and announced the continuance of a loose money policy. He has taken steps to bind the hands of his successor Christine Lagarde. Sorry, strike that image from your mind.

The danger is not Brexit it is the euro which has been on life-support since its near collapse in 2012. A 50 per cent reduction in the policy rate will not help. There is only so far you can debase junk.

Stephen Horne may have got me right as “poorly educated and old” but I am on the side that won. Remainers believed the dissembling of people who should have been honest and who, in some cases, had financial interests they neglected to declare.

Are remainers so obdurate they champion the EU functionaries over the Europe we love? Who are the real mugs?



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