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The EU can’t survive the way it is now

23 November, 2018

• I WONDER if those clambering for a second European Union referendum have thought through the consequences.

They argue that the people’s referendum in 2016 was not satisfactory and yet are campaigning for another one.

Sadly that referendum has resulted in divisions and nastiness in families, communities, the media and political parties.

Chances are that a second referendum would lead to more chaos, aggressive divisions and uncertainty.

A huge majority of MPs voted to hold the 2016 referendum. The government circulated a document arguing the case to remain in the EU.

There was a record turn-out at the polls for it. There was a clear winner.

The Labour Party and the Tories both included in their latest manifestos a commitment to honour the result of the referendum.

A second referendum would be a betrayal of a democratic result. The Labour Party was created to bring suffrage to the masses.

The EU is leaching democracy from its members so that it can gain even more control.

The EU has fault lines throughout its structures and operations. For example, one size (rule) fits all. It cannot survive in its present form.



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