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The EU can be blamed for the rise of the right

06 September, 2018

• MUCH of P Laidlaw’s argument can be summarised by the familiar Remain trope: the public failed to understand the Brexit question the first time so they must vote again (and again if need be) until they get the right answer, (The Brexiters argument that out means out does not wash any more, August 30).

But one key assertion cannot go unchallenged: that the rise of hard right parties can’t be blamed on the European Union. Quite the contrary.

It is precisely because of the EU’s disastrous actions (from economic meltdown to a total loss of border control) that deeply unpleasant ultra-nationalistic movements have thrived.

As P Laidlaw says, no organisation is without its faults. But the EU has consistently shown no interest in reform or changing tack. The British public understood this well when they voted in 2016.

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