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The enduring shame of deportations and the ‘hostile environment’

31 May, 2018

Dexter Bristol

• YOUR front-page report reflects how the Windrush scandal has woken up the public to the way deportations and the “hostile environment” wrecks lives, (Dead at 58, a victim of Windrush, May 24).

Dexter Bristol was persecuted by the home office to leave Britain, as they have done to many Windrush people and their descendants. Their cases are turned down, ignoring the fact that they have been citizens of this country.

Mr Bristol’s parents had been invited here and worked hard all their lives. He was a son, a neighbour, and part of Camden’s community.

Camden Momentum’s meeting this month voted unanimously to press the Labour Party to keep up pressure for justice and compensation for all those affected by this “hostile environment”, which is a killer.

At that Momentum meeting, a white British man spoke for many: “I feel ashamed to be British – these are people we grew up with, went to school with, played foot­ball with, work with… some have Cockney and Brummie accents, and they built their lives here.”

The Tories created the hostile environment but New Labour’s hands aren’t clean either. We can’t forget the shameful “Control on Immigration” mugs.

It’s all the more shameful as black people have been among the most loyal Labour voters, reflected in the positive and encouraging responses we got from voters of colour throughout the recent elections.

Mr Bristol’s mother, Sentina Bristol, will be speaking at the “We all have the right to be here” event tonight (Thursday) May 31 at 7pm at Unite the Union 33-37 Moreland Street, EC1V 8BB. Organised by Women of Colour GWS and Caribbean Labour Solidarity. and sponsored by Unite the Union.

Women of Colour GWS


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