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The electoral system is unfit for purpose

10 January, 2020

• OUR outdated First-Past-the-Post electoral system (FPP) is no longer fit for purpose.

In the general election 53 per cent of UK voters chose parties supporting a people’s vote but FPP still gifted Boris Johnson a huge pro-Brexit majority, which the rest of us will now have to live with.

In December the Green Party vote increased nearly two-thirds from 2017, even in a FPP election where most people knew their preferred party candidate wouldn’t win.

So the votes of more than 865,000 people only resulted in a single Green MP being elected – admittedly the wonderful Caroline Lucas in Brighton – while the Tories needed less than 40,000 crosses on a ballot paper for each of their MPs.

Just think how many more people might have voted Green (and how many more Caroline Lucases might have been elected) in a fairer, proportional system that represented voters’ wishes equally.

If you think it’s time to change this archaic system, you can sign the already 300,000-strong petition for general elections at http://tiny.cc/PRpetition.

Then look forward to our next London elections – only four months away – when at least the fairer, more proportional, processes for choosing the mayor and assembly will allow you to vote for your party of choice knowing your voice will actually be heard!

Islington Green Party


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