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The demise of petrol stations is no bad thing in central London

27 March, 2020

• I READ the Extra report (Society fights plans for filling station site, March 20) with much interest.

The three giant red Art Deco petrol pumps in Ferrall’s Lyons Place development in St John’s Wood have certainly made for a new landmark along the Edgware Road but herald a time long past.

The demise of petrol stations in central London that has been happening since the turn of the century is no bad thing particularly when we see several other filling stations nearby this part of the Edgware Road and Maida Vale.

Indeed in its attempt to halt this change Westminster City Council saw fit to have a special policy to protect petrol stations in developments like this, on the corner of Marylebone Road and Gloucester Place and in the Cleveland Place development in Fitzrovia.

All this is going against the trends of decreasing car ownership in central London and public policy moving towards electric cars both locally and nationally as a means of helping to reduce air pollution.

This, while the city council claims it is actively trying to stop air pollution harm the children of the city.

Indeed this petrol station policy should be dropped by the council if it is at all serious about improving air quality in its streets for its long-suffering residents.

In the meantime, with many petrol companies also saying the site is not viable, the St Marylebone Society proposal for a battery of rapid electric vehicle charging points on the petrol station site seems just what is needed here to turn the tide.

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