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The changes to Oxford Street must go ahead

10 September, 2021

Artist’s ‘birds’ eye view’ of Oxford Circus, traffic on Regent Street, and two piazzas on Oxford Street, either end of the circus

• WHATEVER you think of the mound project, and I have some pretty strong views myself, it should not be used as an excuse to delay the Oxford Street District proposals as has been suggested by some of your correspondents.

It’s absolutely critical for the future of Oxford Street that traffic is reduced in the West End and that better infrastructure is delivered to enable”active travel” to be expanded. This means the piazzas (impression, above) planned at Oxford Circus must go ahead as a priority.

With all the challenges of climate change, air pollution, and the horrifyingly high statistics in Westminster of fatal and serious collisions it would be simply negligent of the city council not to proceed with real urgency and then to follow up with many more projects to limit traffic.

Residents’ views are, of course, important. I’m a Westminster resident myself. But there are lots of other interests that have to be taken it into account if we’re ever to return the West End to its former glory.

Chair, Westminster Living Streets


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