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The bus cuts underline Sadiq Khan’s petulance

07 September, 2018

• I WOULD like to add to the growing opposition over the Mayor of London’s plans to disrupt the capital’s bus service and, indeed, disband many popular routes.

The 390 was quietly taken off Bayswater Road so passengers can no longer access Oxford Circus, Tottenham Court Road and journey through along to Euston and King’s Cross etc. So if the 94 is stopped at Marble Arch how can passengers from west London reach Oxford Circus?

Even though Crossrail is not coming for another year, and even though Sadiq Khan has taken no consultation from locals – he has obviously already made the decision to amputate this popular route.

After the 7 route was shortened to finish at Oxford Circus, no longer stopping at the British Museum, the 10 was briefly enjoyed going along Oxford Street to the British Museum.

Now the whole route 10 is due to disappear altogether. How are residents and visitors to visit the popular British Museum by bus?

In the mayor’s enthusiastic orgy of taking buses off Oxford Street, these plans do nothing to help residents and visitors; and by simply rerouting and shunting routes (for example, the 6) along Piccadilly it puts more traffic and fumes along Piccadilly and Green Park.

This move works to contradict his platform of no-fume-clean-air and, as your correspondent Ethan Pod wrote (The mayor and TfL are eradicating bus routes, August 24), it just underlines his “petulance”.

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