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The Border problem in Ireland won’t go away

01 November, 2018

• I ATTENDED the people’s vote march and rally with the aim of selling the Celtic League’s quarterly magazine CARN.

Remain supporters want a second referendum because they believe they will win it. People on the march were united in the single aim of staying in the EU.

Brexit supporters are not united on anything except getting out of the EU. Not even either the Labour or the Conservative parties are united on a Brexit negotiating position.

It looks as if the UK will simply pull out of the EU without an agreement. There will still remain the future of the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

The people of Northern Ireland voted to stay in the EU. They do not want a hard border with armed patrols, watch towers and barbed wire.

The only way to resolve the problem is by giving the people of Northern Ireland a people’s vote to decide whether they remain in the UK or remain in the EU either as part of the Republic of Ireland or as an independent state.

Chair, England Branch of the Celtic League


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