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The Board of Deputies represents a minority of Jew

20 February, 2020

• PAUL O’Brien is so right (Some of the ‘pledge’ demands by the board of deputies are deeply concerning, February 13), the Board of Deputies does not represent Jews in this country, but a minority who support “Israel right or wrong”.

The Jewish Labour Movement is part of this minority, and the 10 pledges of the BoD are not the wishes of the majority, who are better represented by Jewish Voice for Labour.

As a practising Jew who has been in the Labour Party for 40 years, I personally have never come across anti-Semitism in the party.

I do not deny that it exists, and must be rooted out, but this will not be done by the campaign to oppose any criticism of Israel, whose policies are anathema to many of us who respect the commandment to “honour the stranger in thy midst”.

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