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The attacks on Corbyn are more about anti-socialism than anti-Semitism

30 July, 2019

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

• LET’S face it, these latest attacks on Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership are, and always were, more about anti-socialism than anti-Semitism, conducted so often by the same people, time and again, who not only disagree with but actually fear socialist politics and long to return to the “Tory-litedom” of previous Labour administrations.

I also wish there could be some in-depth research into who is funding the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance whose sole purpose seems to be the attempt to link in people’s minds the totally legitimate political use of the word zionism with the abhorrence that is anti-Semitism.

The IHRA does seem to have been cobbled together in fairly recent haste and it is now virtually impossible to voice any criticism of Israel’s behaviour towards Palestine at all. Could the Labour Party reconsider the IHRA clause on this? The messengers are dodgy and the message wrong.



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