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Thanks to those who argued against my expulsion from the Labour Party

03 November, 2017

• AS your readers may be aware, my summary and arbitrary expulsion from the Labour Party, of which I was notified on October 3, has been rescinded.

The officials who made the original decision reversed it, and revoked my expulsion on October 30. I have no doubt that their u-turn was greatly influ­enced by the groundswell of support and solidarity I was getting within the Labour Party itself and beyond. This includes readers who wrote powerful and well-reasoned letters to your paper, arguing against my expulsion. I would like to express my profound gratitude to them.

However the officials who grudgingly rescinded my expulsion have so far failed to withdraw, let alone apologise for, the vile allegation of “anti-Semitism” against me, which they cited in their letter of expulsion, and which was otiose, since the reason given for my expulsion was quite different.

At the time of writing (October 31) I am still awaiting their apology.

Also, there are many others who have been expelled or suspended from the party without being given a proper hearing or being told the exact nature of the accusa­tions against them and the identity of their accusers.

So the struggle for fairness, natural justice, and due process regarding such matters within the party must continue.



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