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TfL ignore the figures

10 September, 2021

• WHILE boldly announcing the increase in passengers now using public transport, Transport for London have also announced the curtailing of yet another bus route – the 414.

This will now terminate at Marble Arch. A TfL consultation returned a percentage of 84 who insisted this shortening of the route would make their journey longer.

Eleven per cent of customers (formerly known as passengers) considered it would have little effect. TfL decided to curtail the route based on the 11 per cent response rather than the 84 per cent, the clear majority. And they insist they want our feedback!

Why does TfL persist with these bogus “consultations” when they have made their decision? Because they have to look as though they “care” about their customers and their travel concerns.

All of us want a decent, regular, and reliable bus service that runs from start to finish; but is 100 per cent a high enough score for TfL?

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