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Swimmers must stand up to this oppression

20 February, 2020

‘Taking away our freedom of being able to swim with ease and peace and quiet is oppressive’

• I HAVE been swimming in the mixed pond and ladies pond for about 25 years now, (Heath managers: You will have to splash out to swim in ponds, February 13).

This greedy corporation wanting to put up gates and borders and people having to pay, would mean long queues and would make the ponds look like any leisure club facilities, uptight and rigid.

Taking away our freedom of being able to swim with ease and peace and quiet to change these lovely ponds is oppressive.

This is so typical of this hostile environment we live in with barriers everywhere making life difficult and awkward for people.

I find that swimming outdoors in these peaceful ponds a lovely haven for me which benefits depression and anxiety.

The added stress this would cause to have compulsory charges and barriers will affect my mental health in a negative way. Am on a low income so this will make it more difficult for me to swim at the ponds.

Owing to the pond documentary, it has been mentioned that this film attracted more swimmers. I did notice that the ponds were slightly more crowded last summer, but then the ponds have always been more crowded in summer time.

Once the novelty of the film wears off we will have fewer swimmers; so three is no need for extra lifeguards.

We are mature and responsible people who swim at the ponds, we do so at our own risk so we have the common sense to know if it is safe for us to swim. All swimmers and residents must stand up to this oppression.

Fellows Road, NW3


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