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Surely we have a right as well as a need for decent public conveniences

27 February, 2017

• IT is not only the market toilets that are necessary but public toilets generally (‘We need the market loo’, West End Extra, February 17).

The number of public toilets has fallen dramatically.

Most of us, especially those of us “getting on a bit” require these facilities when out and about.

Often, having a drink in a café, of which there are many, necessitates “a visit” and many of these coffee shops have inadequate conveniences to say the least.

In some of them toilets do not exist. Others might be blocked, or broken, or require a four-digit code to gain entry. What a palaver.

I recognise that cafés do not want their facilities used by non-patrons, but that is all the more reason to increase the availability in general.

I have travelled even on some trains where again toilets are non-existent or in such a disgusting state that they are unfit for use.

There are some who bemoan the cost of maintaining public toilets. I find this hard to accept considering the cash wasted on other dubious projects – and it is not labour-intensive in terms of staffing.

The provision of toilet facilities is a basic necessity for which we pay council tax, and it is deplorable that a charge of 50p is levied in some places.



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