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Steps can be taken to fight moped crimes

24 November, 2017

• MOPED-ENABLED muggings have been making the news all over London.

The press has highlighted problems around tube stations. As a parent I advise my children not to use their phones in public places – more than 300 have been stolen recently.

We all know that cuts are making everything more difficult for the police and, since standing uselessly by, just wringing our hands is no help, there are a number of direct actions we could consider, most of them already introduced in Camden as a result of Green Party pressure.

• Making the police more visible would reassure people and perhaps act as a deterrent, but patrolling on motorbikes instead of in cars would enable pursuit through bollards.

• Better communication would help reassure the community that action is being taken, as would regular checks of mopeds.

• People should be encouraged to use the “Locate my iPhone/ iPad/ MacBook” or Google’s “Find My Device” features so that phones can be tracked or erased.

Islington Green Party


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