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Spend money on the health service not HS2

27 October, 2017

• ON Saturday October 21 at 7.30pm we all got together around the country to protest the damaging stupidity and extreme expense of the concept of the HS2 high speed train.

In London people gathered in the Garden of St Pancras Church with candles and torches and a beacon of light, to show their objection to the most costly and unnecessary construction project in Europe.

In reality HS2 will up the already incredibly high air pollution, and jam the inner London transportation. After all, at Euston, how will the people getting off the HS2 get into the already filled to capacity tube system or carry suitcases to St Pancras and the Eurostar?

Many many homes and businesses will be destroyed. In addition construction-caused traffic gridlock will give off more dangerous fumes. And this against a background of private developers having a swing at building unaffordable housing that will in turn jam up traffic completely!

We need to reopen some of the smaller closed train lines and make small new routes that are really needed. What about the roads? What about renewable energy?

It is essential to spend money on flood protection, and, not least, the health service. With Brexit and HS2 Ltd we might as well do a Virginia Woolf!

Oval Road, NW1


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