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Some sanitisers and cleansers are useless

20 March, 2020

• I FEAR that the National Health Service and some councils are not giving us the public adequate advice to on how to protect ourselves against Covid-19.

The advice says washing your hands with soap is best. True, but then it goes on to say if you can’t wash your hands use a hand sanitiser.

But this is only true if you use a hand sanitiser with 60 per cent or more alcohol. Cleansers and sanitisers, even if they are said to kill “99 per cent of germs” will not kill Covid-19 and that’s what counts.

I’m not medically qualified but it was the claim that this “kills 99 per cent of germs” that alerted me. Why were companies still using an obsolete word?

Modern science and medicine don’t speak of “germs”, but of bacteria, viruses, prions etc because we must know exactly what causes an infectious illness if we are to protect ourselves and our communities.

I’m afraid that loads of useless “cleansers and sanitisers” are being sold to people who believe that they are protecting themselves their families and the community. Some are making a profit; many us are left at risk.

Professor of Social Policy
University of Bradford


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