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Soaring council tax hits ceiling

‘Relentless central government cuts’ are blamed as residents face a 5.99 per cent hike

26 January, 2018 — By Emily Finch

Labour finance chief Councillor Andy Hull

THE Town Hall is set to raise council tax by the maximum possible amount.

Residents will face a 5.99 per cent increase from April, which means people in band D properties will have to pay £65 a year more. The increase includes a three per cent social care precept, which will help pay for adult social care services.

Labour finance chief Councillor Andy Hull said: “We don’t want to raise council tax, but at a time of unprecedented and relentless central government cuts to council budgets we have little choice if we wish to protect vital services on which local people rely.”

He added: “We are proposing to ask people to pay a bit more to help keep important services for children and families going”

Terry Stacy, former Liberal Democrat council leader, said: “I don’t think they should raise it without being upfront with residents about why.”


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