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The ups and downs of life at Number 10

Over the festive season, there was a fair amount of banging and crashing, dust-sheets and hard hats in Downing Street

07 January, 2019

Downing Street (Photo: SGT Tom Robinson RLC/MOD Open Government Licence)

OFF to Number 10, where Diary hears from our friends in the trades that the lift doors at the centre of government are not as wide as one would like.

And so, over the festive season, there has been a fair amount of banging and crashing, dust-sheets, and hard hats in Downing Street.

A planning application registered at Westminster City Council last year asked for permission at the PM’s home to essentially increase the spaces where the lift doors open and close. It was waved through and now the builders are in to make it so.

Diary, which over the Christmas period has not enjoyed its usual high-ranking access to the corridors of power when it comes to asking about such topics, can only speculate why the lift doors need to be doubled in size.

Is this a Westminster version of the dredging going on at Ramsgate, where they are battling to get the port ready for a no-deal Brexit?

Will leaving the European Union mean the PM’s staff need larger trolleys for paperwork?

Or is it so the embattled Theresa May can escape those uncomfortable silences in enclosed spaces with cabinet members sharpening their knives as the end game for their leader rapidly approaches?

We wouldn’t want to waste the Number 10 press desk time with such rash speculations when there are mince pies to tackle.

But, rest assured dear readers, we hear from our source that the work has gone swimmingly and the new lift doors are up and running.


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