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Sex worker who set fire to hotel bed is jailed for six years

Nineteen-year-old pleads guilty to manslaughter following heart-attack death of maintenance manager who attempted to put out flames

01 December, 2018 — By Tom Foot

The aftermath of the fire at the Park Grand Paddington Court Hotel on January 30

A SEX worker who set fire to a Devonshire Terrace hotel bed after she was ripped off by a man has been jailed for manslaughter.

Nineteen-year-old Nora Es-Sadki Boughima, who was living in Cambridge Court, Sussex Gardens, Paddington, was sentenced to six years at the Old Bailey on Friday.

Es-Sadki Boughima admitted causing the death of maintenance manager Richard Staley who had a heart attack while trying to put out the fire. It was the 65-year-old’s last day of work before retirement.

Westminster Detective Constable Mike Reilly said: “As a result of her anger at not being paid, Es-Sadki Boughima sought her revenge by deliberately setting fire to the bed in the hotel room. This was a reckless act that endangered the lives of people in the hotel and neighbouring properties.

“Mr Staley, who tragically was just one day away from his retirement, bravely tackled the blaze with a fire extinguisher. Shortly afterwards he collapsed and later died in hospital. The fire was established as a direct cause of his death.

“Mr Staley had worked at the hotel for 18 years and was a very popular member of staff.

“His colleagues have been left deeply upset at his death.

“I am glad that Es-Sadki has now shown some remorse by pleading guilty to manslaughter. The sentence reflects the serious consequences of her actions.”

Nora Es-Sadki Boughima and, right, Richard Staley

Sussex Gardens in Paddington is a notorious area for prostitution and the Met has made arrests in the past for gangs and sex trafficking.

The Met said it did not have any information about whether the young woman who started the fire was being forced to work against her will.

Officers were called to the fire at the Park Grand Paddington Court Hotel in Devonshire Terrace on January 30.

Following his efforts to tackle the fire Mr Staley, had a heart attack, went into a coma, and died on February 24.

The London Fire Brigade said the blaze had been started deliberately and that the bed had been intentionally set alight.

Es-Sadki Boughima had asked a receptionist for a lighter just 20 minutes before the fire started, according to the Met.

CCTV showed an unnamed man had spent the night with her and police tracked him down. He told them he had met her in a night club and had agreed to pay Es-Sadki Boughima £300 but only paid her £150 before leaving the room at about 8.30am, while she was sleeping.

Es-Sadki Boughima left the room minutes before the fire alarm went off. She was charged with arson, pleading guilty in Southwark Crown Court on March 6.

She was charged with manslaughter on July 4 and pleaded guilty to this charge at the Old Bailey on October 12.


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