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Security call for Keith

11 October, 2018 — By John Gulliver

Keith Scott

KEITH Scott is one of those civil servants with a fascinating, colourful past. In his younger days he was a Labour councillor, with “socialist ideas”, then a court usher, and later held various high jobs in the safety field, not only for the Royal Mail and the Ministry of Justice, but he also worked in Saudi Arabia, often under war conditions.

When I spent a couple of hours with him last November, shortly after his fanfare appointment as head of safety in Camden, I couldn’t help being struck by his straightforward demeanour. I am what you see, he seemed to be saying, and I’ll do my best in the job.

I imagined that could well happen.

Now, apparently, he has suddenly left the £100,000-a-year job for a post with the private security firm Serco. Why? Did the Town Hall move too slowly for him? Where did it all go wrong? In less than a year he found it was best to go. It’s a mystery.


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