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Scruff trade: four-piece to make Standon debut

Ahead of their performance at the Hertfordshire valley festival, band dubbed the sound of summer 2018 answer questions about life on the road

12 July, 2018 — By Dan Carrier

The Scruff will make their Standon Calling debut later this month

IT is one of the highlights of the summer festival season – Standon Calling, nestling in a Hertfordshire valley, has become the must-do summer weekender for north Londoners.

Just a short trip up the A10 to the village of Standon and starting on Thursday, July 26 for four days, the boutique music festival has built a reputation for a mixture of styles and genres, side shows, stage acts, hidden raves and much more besides.

Here, Grooves catches up with The Scruff, who will be playing at Standon on the Saturday. Adam Urwin, Samuel Maelzer, Jack Brown and- Omar Kouch, make up the Bedford hailing four-piece who have been dubbed as the sound of summer 2018. Their Britpop-esque swirling guitar riffs, tight harmonies and lyrical takes on getting by in this austerity-ridden, nearly-Brexited, millennial-baiting Britain, has sent their music to the top of people’s playlists.

So, The Scruff – explain the name, please!

We would love to tell you, but we’d have to kill you.

Tour buses – what are your dos and don’ts?

Dos: Sat Nav, Tangfastics, beers, good tunes.

Don’ts: personal gasses, beers, bad tunes.

We all travel well, especially those not driving on any given journey.

What personal item do you never leave behind when on tour or playing festivals?

Well, Omar is on kidney dialysis at the moment, so making sure he doesn’t die and has all his kit is a biggy for us – that and our duck who travels with us.

If you were in charge of booking a festival, which act from the past would you most like to support, or simply see?

It’s got to be Hendrix or Otis Redding.

Standon Calling famously started as a birthday party in a back garden. If you could throw a birthday party, and had to choose any venue in the whole world, where would it be?

We are simple folk, an old-school Maccy D’s party where Ronald came out and scared everyone with his massive face, followed by a couple of beers down the local ’Spoons, on the moon. With Louis Theroux. In a dress.

Best ever festival experiences? Worst?

Best: Isle Of Wight, it has to be! Everything was so much fun. The journey there, the people we met and especially being carted around the site in golf buggies. We felt like royalty, until we got home and had to go to work the next day!

Worst: we’ve been lucky here, to be honest, nothing too bad springs to mind, although we once had a dancer on stilts doing backflips directly in front of us at Nozstock a couple of years ago, kinda distracting for us and anyone in the audience. A few choice words over the mic were had!

Are you a happy camper?

Camping? In a hotel, sure! Oh, a tent. Aren’t those made in the fires of hell? Jack won’t go anywhere that doesn’t have a mirror within a mile radius, either.

If you had to offer the first-time festival-goer one crucial piece of advice on how to make the most of their weekend, what would it be?

Two main things: drink enough water and look after your car keys! Hydration and home – anything in between those two things shouldn’t be published.

Who else on the bill will you make sure you catch?

Wow, here we go. As a shortlist it’s gotta be the following: Gaz Coombes (we played a few shows with him), Akala (the dude’s a genius!), and of course BRMC, purely because they’re awesome.

• Visit standon-calling.com/

WIN! Standon Calling tickets…

AT this year’s Standon Calling you can also catch a Jarvis Cocker DJ set, Paloma Faith and George Ezra on the main stage, a 20-year anniversary special of the Cuban Brothers, Kentish Town’s Dig It Sound System and poet-philosopher-rapper Akala.

To win a pair of weekend tickets, simply answer the following question: Which road leads from north London to Standon?

Email your answer to dcarrier@camdennewjournal.co.uk


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