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Scrap HS2 now

25 January, 2018

• YET again the anguish of HS2 has been plastering our local and national press recently. Yet again we are reminded that this project is ill-judged, destructive and out of control.

The papers covered the protests at Euston last week and the clear anxiety of those residents who will have to endure this project for years to come.

I spent three years leading on HS2 for Cheryl Gillan MP, who has campaigned vociferously against the project.

I have great sympathy for those whose lives will be turned upside down and the unacceptable way they have been treated by HS2 Ltd over the past eight years.

It is astonishing that the House of Commons will be considering the line from Birmingham to Crewe next week, when Phase 1 of the project remains completely tangled up in problems and controversy.

Surely there is only so much of taxpayers’ money that can be poured into this project? What needs to happen next for the project to reach breaking point? When will residents’ concerns and environmental issues be brought to the fore?

It must be time to cancel HS2. If the government did that, it would have the support of Camden Conservatives.

Swiss Cottage Conservatives


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