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Road safety: why do we always blame drivers?

19 October, 2018

• WHY is the motorist always the villain of the piece, (Roads are littered with the menace that’s a parked car, October 12)?

While I cannot agree more that any death on the road is one death too many, whether it be a cyclist, pedestrian or motorist, I would have thought that all road users have a duty to be careful.

In cases where the state of the road surface is a factor, why is the relevant authority, Transport for London or the council, not being held to account?

Some cyclists put themselves in unnecessary danger on the road. I particularly mean when some insist on getting between the kerb and a vehicle, very often in a blind spot where they can’t be seen. I see this all too often when travelling on a bus. Often, if you can’t see the driver they cannot see you.

Why is it that some cyclists seem to think that the rules of the road do not apply to them, by ignoring pedestrian light-controlled crossings, insisting on riding through when lights are in favour of people crossing the road.

Then there are those who ignore traffic lights at junctions and ride on the pavement. It is one thing for a child to ride on the pavement, but an adult should know better.

There have also been two cases recently in London, one in Old Street and one in Kingsland Road, Dalston, involving cyclists where a pedestrian died of injuries.

We must all be aware that we are responsible for what we do on the road, regardless of whether we are a pedestrian, cyclist or motorist, and consider other people and what the consequences are if we fail to obey the Highway Code.



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