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Review: Bad Girls: The Musical, at Upstairs at the Gatehouse

22 February, 2019 — By Alina Polianskaya

The cast of Bad Girls. Photo: Lidia Crisafulli

BAD Girls shares the stories of women in prison who all feel they shouldn’t be there, blurring the lines of those behind bars and those keeping them there.

The play creates strong characters, from sleazy, sinister prison guards to clashing alpha females fighting to be top dog and explores the social dynamics of the lock-up. Filled with tension, laughs, emotions and shocking moments, the play works with just a set of moveable prison bars and a sagging bed, relying on powerful acting to engage the audience.

Originally a drama series on ITV, Bad Girls lends itself well to a musical production – the songs are mostly enjoyable and a cast of strong voices carries them through. The show’s director, Rebecca Eastham, who also plays outspoken inmate Nikki Wade, gives a particularly impressive vocal performance.

Despite the tough prison setting filled with difficult situations, this is a play with plenty of positivity that creates the feeling that solidarity can conquer adversity, even in the most trying of times.

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