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Reunited… Juliet and her inseparable lovebird Angel

Missing bird flew into health clinic's office

03 January, 2019 — By Max Aitchison

JULIET Nachmias got some strange looks while walking around Hampstead Heath and Primrose Hill blasting classical music from portable speakers.

But her only concern was tracking down Angel, her missing pet lovebird who she says can be wooed with his favourite pieces by Mozart.

Her search led to a miraculous reunion when the bird flew into an office at the Tavistock Clinic, in Belsize Park, and “pooped” on one of its social workers.

“I had a large portable Bluetooth speaker and was walking in the parks playing his favourite Mozart music and calling his name,” she said. “Everyone said I had lost the plot trying to find a missing parrot in London. But I never lost hope.”

Ms Nachmias moved to Spain in mid-November for her job as a dressage rider and trainer.

Ten days before her departure, however, she realised she did not have the paperwork to take Angel abroad, so she left him with a friend in Finchley Road while forms were sorted out. The parrot escaped and Ms Nachmias immediately flew back home and launched her search.

The bird eventually turned up at the clinic in Belsize Lane, where Brendan Mooney, a specialist social worker for teenagers, was on his first day in his new job.

Brendan Mooney with the bird and below, his colleague, Ptolemy Powlesland

“It caused a great hullabaloo in the office,” he said. “He pooped on my shirt but was incredibly friendly. Everyone was just absolutely enthralled with him. He would sit on my shoulder and on the head of one of my colleagues.”

Mr Mooney added: “We realised he was a pet because he was so friendly. He clearly wasn’t a wild bird. We had nothing to carry him in so when I initially took him down to the vet we had to put him in a wastepaper bin with a cardigan over it because he was constantly trying to fly out.”

The vet put Mr Mooney in touch with London Wildlife Protection, a volunteer-run animal welfare and rescue organisation.

The bird was found a new home, but is now back with its original owner after one of Mr Mooney’s Tavistock colleagues spotted a “missing bird” poster put up by Ms Nachmias.

Juliet Nachmias and Angel: ‘I never lost hope.’

She said: “Angel and I are just inseparable. Now I’ve got Angel with me. I think it’s going to cost me about £450 to get all the paperwork to take him to Spain with me. So that’s what I’m going to do.”

She added: “I offered Brendan a reward, but he said he didn’t want anything. His words were: ‘My reward is seeing Angel reunited with you, his owner’.”

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