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Residents’ action group is opposed to the Torrington Place/Tavistock Place road trial being made permanent

05 October, 2017

• THE public inquiry on the future of the Torrington Place/Tavistock Place experimental one-way system will open next Tuesday (October 10) at Camden Town Hall and will run for about four weeks.

It will be open to the public and documents are at: www.camden.gov.uk/tavistockpublicinquiry.

Bloomsbury Residents’ Action Group (BRAG) is just one of many local groups who will be objecting to the trial being made permanent.

BRAG’s case against the east-bound one-way system, is first, that it has not met its key objectives; there is no evidence that the trial has improved safety for cyclists, or pedestrians, or that air quality has improved.

Secondly it has led to:
• increased congestion and pollution in surrounding residential streets;
• delays for emergency vehicles;
• delayed patient and health care staff journeys between hospital sites;
• mobility and access made more difficult and costly for disabled people;
• problems for local businesses, so threatening the sustainability of the community;
• longer journeys for vehicles, which now have to take very round-about routes, and so more pollution.

The council’s case relies heavily on the so-called “support” for the one-way system.

Yes, thousands of people responded to the council online consultation but the vast majority (86 per cent) of respondents did not even live in the borough of Camden, let alone the affected area.

Responses to BRAG’s petition show clearly that more local people are against the scheme than for it, but the council refuses to give greater weight to residents than to outside online responders who may have never even been here.

The inspector’s decision will not be binding on the council. But we must hope that if the public inquiry decides against the experimental east-bound one-way system the council will respect that decision.

Otherwise the vast amount of money that council has opted to spend on this Inquiry (originally estimated at £100,000) will have been a shameful waste of our money.

Chair, Bloomsbury Residents’ Action Group


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