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Remember, the EU was built to prevent war

03 August, 2017

• CAMDEN’S First World War memorials hold the names of young men who fell during the conflict, including in Ypres-Passchendaele that the country commemorated last weekend.

The reason why the descendants of those who fell freely crossed the English Channel to Ypres, is because we won the war. Because Europe won the peace. Because we are of the European Union.

Were the fallen soldiers heroes? It’s an uncomfortable word that overrides their humanity.

One thing is certain; those who survived and those who came after them went on to build a new United Kingdom that gave its full weight to build the EU in order to prevent one day such a world tragedy from happening again.

So far we have been successful and enjoyed the fruits of our success, not least because of those names on our memorials and their comrades.

Gospel Oak


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