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Remember the city’s road victims

10 September, 2021

Melissa Burr, left, and Dr Marta Krawiec

• FOLLOWING the road deaths of Dr Marta Krawiec, 41, cycling in Holborn, and Melissa Burr, 32, walking at Victoria bus station last month I asked the Mayor of London to find a way to publicly remember the people who have lost their lives on London’s roads.

The move aims to support Vision Zero, an approach to reducing road danger that enabled Oslo and Helsinki to reduce pedestrian deaths to zero in 2019.

Mayor Sadiq Khan has a target to reach zero road deaths and injuries in London by 2041, which the Green Party would prefer to see brought forward.

The mayor had confirmed that sadly 39 people have died on London’s roads so far this year.

He has agreed to organise a round table meeting between Transport for London and charities like Roadpeace to discuss how a more formal approach to remembering these deaths at future City Hall meetings can acknowledge the names of those who die on London’s roads and humanise the Vision Zero strategy.

I hope this act of remembrance will highlight the importance of reducing road danger in London and will push TfL to continue its work towards that goal.

At my request Islington Council already monitors the road deaths and serious injuries on Islington’s roads in the council scrutiny process.

This is such an important step helping to focus council policy attention on reducing traffic danger. Every death on our streets is devastating and we must learn from each one of them.

Remembering the people who sadly die on our roads is important for the families and friends who have lost their loved ones. And it underlines to all of us the need to make our roads safer; and that every death is preventable and not just a figure on a spreadsheet.

Green Party, Londonwide Assembly Member


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