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Remainers and leavers have a duty to call out this government

31 July, 2020

• WHEN Boris Johnson referred to “Islington remainers”, he tried to imply we were somehow gullibly peddling myths about Putin’s involvement in the EU referendum in 2016.

As an Opinium poll published in Sunday’s Observer shows, 49 per cent of voters suggest that there was Russian interference in the Brexit referendum and only 23 per cent disagree. Islington remainers are clearly not alone in their view.

At PMQs, Boris Johnson said that no other country had done more to resist Vladimir Putin’s strategy to undermine world order and our democracy. He provided good examples.

However, if the government adopts a “pick and mix” attitude and chooses to ignore Russian interference in our democracy when it is politically convenient to do so, this undermines us and diminishes our credibility internationally.

Other countries will have noticed, with some considerable alarm, that Johnson is not bringing the principled leadership he set out in his vision for global Britain, but putting personal politics above national interest.

Remainers and leavers all have a duty to call out the government when it fails to protect us nationally and diminish our standing internationally.

Islington In Europe Co-Chairs


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